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GOST Certisoft system
a desktop application for certification and surveillance of products and services for the ex-Soviet market. The program is supposed to work at each branch everywhere in the world (around 110 countries). The program monitors the entire process of certification beginning with preliminary verification, certification and surveillance. The forms for entering the data are configurable and the specific information is stored in repository. It contains a module for migrating the data from older databases such as Access and Excel. The migration module is very flexible in a way that permits you to configure a migration scenario. This scenario is then saved in a repository and can be used later. It can migrate data from Access to Oracle, but it can support other types of databases. It also contains an ActiveX component used to generate dynamic reports based on Word. The program supports Internationalization, Copy and Paste like functionality for records, tracking functionality, security features based on users, user groups, and roles, configurable report generation and others. The second part of the project is focused on communication through Internet between different sites in order to maintain the consistency of data. It's a replication like functionality implemented in Internet. The Certificates will also be exported in XML format. The program is made using Visual Basic 6.0, Crystal reports 7.0, Word 7.0 and Oracle 8.0.5.
E-Certification System
a program that allows company customers to certificate their products and services through Internet. All the necessary steps required for a certification: preliminary verification, issuance of an electronic certificate, surveillance, verification of authenticity of a certificate can be done through Internet. A certificate passes through a series of stages: Draft certificate ready to be sent, Draft certificate sent, Draft certificate confirmed, Final certificate ready to be sent, Draft certificate sent. Along this process customers are exchanging information with company sending mails, changing the background of the certificate, editing disclaimer and signing the document. All of this is made online using the Word format for the certificate. Customers can also verify the authenticity of a certificate sending it to company. The electronic certificate is then compared with the original version that is kept on the company server. This way the verification is made instantly. The program is also designed to access the old Lotus Notes database that is keeping the certificates. It can create, modify or verify a certificate stored here. The program represents an important step to moving the business to the Internet. The program is made using Java technologies: Java Servlets, Java Servlet Pages, Java Beans, JavaScript, DHTML. The underlying database is Oracle 8.0.5.


Vessel's LineUp system
a database that tracks the movements of ships carrying agricultural goods. The system also provides information about the inspection of the ship and goods carried and about the tonnage and the outturn of the cargo. This database is continuously updated and the users receive precise information that can be displayed in different ways. The system also allows the users to send emails to the relevant contacts in the origin and destination port and in the Geneva Business Center. The users can also forward records to other users using email. The program is made using Java technologies: Java Servlets, Java Servlet Pages, Java Beans, JavaScript, DHTML. The underlying database is Oracle 8.0.5.


Agri Collateral Managementa
tool for company users to record and report warehouse movements and to allow customers to check the status of their warehouses through internet. The whole application is accessible using a normal Internet browser (Internet Explorer 5 is suggested) allowing maximum flexibility for the users. The application core is the Warehouse Management, where company users can record information relative to customer's warehouses and keep track of the stock level. The system also creates Warehouse Receipts, Delivery Orders and Delivery Reports to document entrance and exit of goods. Users are also able to add, edit or delete customers using the Customer Management feature. Some users are also authorized to use the User Management feature that allows to add, edit or delete new users to the application. Customers are able to view information relative to the stock level in their warehouse through Internet. The customers log onto a particular URL and enter their user name and password. The information relative to the specific customer's warehouse is displayed. The program is made using Java technologies: Java Servlets, Java Servlet Pages, Java Beans, JavaScript, DHTML. The underlying database is Oracle 8.0.5.


Program 'Futures & Options'
a Back-Office program used to monitors the activity on derivatives markets. The program supports options and futures on indexes and stocks, futures on currencies and bounds. It contains also a module that is capable to read live data from a Reuters's terminal. This way it can show the value to market statement (net liquidation) of client's portfolios and to calculate the margin requirements for them. It also contains a module that can calculate (based on Black-Schulz and Cox-Ross-Rubenstein formulas) the prices of options on indices. Users can also make simulations and test strategies viewing the result as charts and tables. They can calculate the Delta, Gamma, Teta and other indicators of their portfolios and to make 'what if ..' tests of their portfolio. The application is made using Visual Basic 5.0, Crystal Reports and Access.
Program 'EXPERT'
a back-office program for brokerage houses that activate on Romanian shares market. At this time Expert has between 30 and 35 percent of market. The Expert system offers a powerful tool for back-office activities. It exchanges data with Romanian stock exchange (BSE - Bucharest Stock Exchange, RASDAQ - Romanian OTC stock exchange), with Shareholders Registry RRA). The ability to exchange data gives the brokerage house a real time situation (value to market) of the client's portfolios. The program offers a complete evidence of clients, shares and transactions at any time in the past or present. Clients can also see their transactions and positions in real time on Internet. The application is made using Visual Basic 5.0, Crystal Reports and Access.
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